1. A Prayer for All Ages

  2. A Prayer for Asylum Seekers & Refugees

        – A Prayer for Migrant Children

        – A Prayer for Refugees:  A Moment of Grace

        – For Those Who’ve Come Across the Seas

  3. A Prayer for Creation

        – A Christian Prayer in Union with Creation

        – A Prayer of Stewardship

  4. A Prayer for Economic Justice

  5. A Prayer for Peace – One family

        – A Cry of Peace 

        – A Prayer for Nuclear Disarmament

        – A Prayer for Peacemakers

        – Prayer for Peace

  6. A Prayer for People who are Homeless

  7. A Prayer for Prisoners

       – Prayer for Prisoners

  8. A Prayer for the End of Human Trafficking

      – Prayer for Anti-Trafficking Advocates (ACRATH)

      – Prayer to End Human Trafficking (CRS)

      – Prayers to End Human Trafficking (School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND)

  9. A Prayer for Indigenous Peoples 

     – Reconciliations Prayers

  10. A Prayer for Solidarity

      – A Prayer for Global Solidarity

      – Prayer of the Other

      – Show Me My Neighbour

      – The Coffee Prayer

  11. A Prayer for Work (adapted from a Blessing of Human labour)

     – A Prayer for Employment

     – Lord of all Labor

  12. A Prayer for Youth – Year of Youth Prayer

     – Prayer for Youth

  13. Prayer for Justice and Sustainability (Catholic Earthcare Australia)

  14. Prayer for the Unborn Child

    Prayer to End Abortions

  15. Prayer for Vocations

  16. Prayer of St Francis of Assisi

  17. The Prayer of St Oscar Romero

  18.  Prayers of the faithful (Caritas)

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