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One of the questions that we’re seeing a lot these days relates to how the Plenary Council and the international “Synod on Synodality” align, or how they might differ. In reading some of the foundational documents for the Synod on Synodality, the Australian Plenary Council experience is cited often as something of a model for how the Synod invites the People of God into a shared journey of dialogue, of discernment and of prayer.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge recently spoke about the two processes in this way: “So for us the process of the Plenary Council will interweave with the process of the global Synod, an interweaving of the local and the universal, each enriching the other. That’s how the Catholic Church works.”

Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB, the president of the Plenary Council, said this when the fruits of the first Council assembly were published late last year: “The complementary nature of the Plenary Council and this Synod of Bishops process is quite clear, and I encourage people to be as engaged with the Synod as they have been in the Plenary Council.”

Read on for more information and updates, and news of related Church events. And please continue to pray for the Plenary Council.


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