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Plenary Post_Edition 24

Still Listening to the Spirit (Discussion Guide).pdf Welcome to PlenaryPost The past couple of weeks ...
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Plenary Post_Edition 23

Plenary Post # 23 Still Listening to the Spirit (Discussion Guide).pdf Welcome to PlenaryPost Many ...
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Plenary Post_Edition 22

Welcome to PlenaryPost The build-up to the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia has, in many ...
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Plenary Council 2020_The 6 National Themes for Discernment Click on each image to view the 'pdf' Snapshot Report relating to each 'Theme' ...
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Plenary Post_Edition 20

Welcome to PlenaryPost Over a period of six weeks, the Plenary Council team, in partnership ...
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Plenary Post_Edition 19

Welcome to PlenaryPost The month since the launch of the second phase of preparing for ...
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Submission to the Plenary Council 2020

Welcome to this stage of the process as we prepare for the Plenary Council 2020. Your response will be received as a submission to the Plenary Council. Your input is essential to enable us to ‘listen to what the Spirit is saying’ as we develop the agenda for the Council. Thank you for taking the time to contribute.

Click here to submit your response to the questions being asked…


You can make your submission anonymously or you can provide your details.

The Plenary Council team will receive submissions online until 6 March 2019.

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