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Season of Creation 2021 – Reflection for Parishes (pdf)



#act4ourcommonhome (pdf)


Dear Catholic Earthcare parish friends,

It has been awhile since I shared across our Earthcare Parish network. It has been lovely to hear that some parishes are undertaking the Five Leaf Eco Award steps. Good Luck.

Our Alive in the Spirit Earthcare parish catch-ups had 8 people at the last zoom session and a great discussion occurred. From this Maitland-Newcastle diocese is undertaking a parish wide program. Yehhh.

Hope Social Justice Sunday this weekend goes well for you. The amazing resources will be of use way past this Sunday.


Would love to know what plans you have for Season of Creation??

Earthcare is running a social media campaign using the hashtag #act4ourcommonhome if you tag a photo on your Instagram feed with this hashtag it will be shared on the Earthcare website. To use the hashtag on Facebook is a little trickier and the instructions are attached.

Visit https://catholicearthcare.org.au/act4ourcommonhome/

My Season of Creation reflection is attached. Please use if you can, or share a reflection you or others in your parish create with us.

Some other resources your parish could use:

A Chaplet create by Louise from Our Lady Queen of Apostles Parish Brisbane  Laudato Si Chaplet.mp4 – Google Drive thanks Louise.

The FEN webinar Listening to the Reef Sept 14th is attached.

I am running a Green your Heart retreat register September 25th


Week One: Climate Sunday– worshipping with the currents of climate
Week Two: Solar Sunday– worshipping with the sun
Week Three: Atmosphere Sunday – worshipping with the air and atmosphere
Week Four: Rainbow Sunday – bonding with the colours of creation

Remebering Country – Liturgy worshipping with Country as sacred

Getting ready for COP26 – share the opportunity to undertake Climate Leadership training


Is your parish participating in the GreenFaith ARRCC campaign October 17th


This will bring some joy, Beth Riolo has been creating more Creation Corner podcasts https://www.youtube.com/watchv=Jc5ZL9FzjvQ&list=PLeYD7hYiotirJruvgmXIrvjL5U0dI3oMb

Earthcare game by Lisa Wriley www.earthcaregame.org/

Our Earthcare Formation team is growing and I would like to ask you if you know of anyone who should be included as we offer Laudato Si’ formation in our Earthcare School, Parish and coming soon Earthcare Family program. See attached.

Lots happening,

Sue Martin

Catholic Earthcare coordinator


New Name Reflects Key Focus – Office for Social Justice (catholic.org.au)


Season of Creation – Office for Social Justice (catholic.org.au)


IPCC Report: Earth on “Red alert” – Office for Social Justice (catholic.org.au)

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