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The Global Slavery Index estimates 15,000 persons living in conditions of modern slavery in Australia. The majority of these vulnerable people are from a migrant or refugee background.


Human Trafficking
The recruitment, harbouring and movement of person for exploitation
through modern slavery.

Situations where the offender exercises power of ownership over the victim, including the power to make a person an object of purchase and use their labour in an unrestricted way.

Situations where the victim’s personal freedom is significantly restricted and they are not free to stop working or leave their place of work.

Forced Labour
Situations where the victim is either not free to stop working or not free to leave their place of work.

Forced Marriage
Situations where coercion, threats or deception are used to make a victim marry  or where the victim does not understand or is incapable of understanding the nature and effect of the marriage ceremony.

Debt Bondage
Situations where the victim’s services are pledged as security for a debt and the debt is manifestly excessive or the victim’s services are not applied to liquidate the debt, or the length and nature of the services are not limited and defined.

Worst form of child labour
Situations where children are:

  • exploited through slavery of similar practices, including for sexual
  • engaged in hazardous work which may harm their health, safety or morals
  • used to produce or traffic drugs

Deceptive recruiting for labour services
Situations where the victim is deceived about whether they will be exploited through a type of modern slavery.

CreditAustralian Department of Home Affairs – Modern Slavery Act 2018: Guidance for Reporting Entities



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