GCCM_WATCH: Pope Francis Calls on All Organizations to Divest from Fossil Fuels


Pope Francis showed the way forward. In his recent TED Countdown talk, His Holiness shared how all of us can create a more life-giving future right now: Divest from fossil fuels.

WATCH: Pope Francis calls on all organizations to divest from fossil fuels

Pope Francis urged everyone to divest from “those companies that do not meet the parameters of integral ecology,” and invest in companies that truly value “sustainability, social justice, and the promotion of the common good.”

The way forward is clear. To prevent the worst effects of the ecological crisis and the climate emergency, the world must transition away from fossil fuels. You can lead your community to a safer and cleaner future today: Commit to divesting from fossil fuels.

Already, 190 Catholic organizations and more than 1,200 communities worldwide have made the prophetic decision to align their investments with their values. Pope Francis praised those groups that “have already taken on the responsibility to act in this direction.”

Next month, on the fifth anniversary of the historic Paris Climate Agreement, more organizations around the world will unite and commit to divesting from fossil fuels. [Name], now is your opportunity to add your name to that inspirational list. Join the divestment movement today.

Tomás Insua
Executive Director
Global Catholic Climate Movement


P.S. The world is waiting for Catholics to again lead the way to a brighter and cleaner future. Be part of this monumental change by clicking here to learn more about divesting from fossil fuels


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