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Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 8:09 AM
Subject: Emmaus Community to feature in a documentary premiering on ABC TV this Sunday 19th April !


MEDIA RELEASE                                                                           

DATE APRIL 14, 2020


Aussie Filmmaker Strikes Story Gold in Time of Crisis

Now, more than ever, in our uncertain and challenging times, a strong sense of community is critical and Award-winning Adelaide documentary maker, Lara Damiani, will release her documentary that tells the story of a community in Perth that’s changing lives.

Ms Damiani’s documentary “A Place to Call Home” tells the story of the making of Emmaus Community in Perth, WA – an extraordinary place created by an extraordinary man – Alan Archer. A community that’s become a safe haven for people in need.

After singing and performing on stage around the world to signing up with a record label whose clients included Prince and Michael Jackson, Alan’s life was transformed by a powerful experience in a Los Angeles church. Giving up a wild life of parties, drinking and performing, Al returned to Australia to work in a 500 bed homeless men’s shelter in Kings Cross and later from one small house in Queens Park, Perth, managed to create a community of 12 houses for over 60 adults who live with mental illness.

Psychiatrists and mental health professionals have spoken about how Emmaus reduces hospitalisation and dependency on the mental health system. Residents speak about how it’s changed their lives.

“The story of why and how Al created this extraordinary community is so inspiring” said Ms Damiani who travelled to the highlands of Vietnam and Hanoi to make her documentary showcasing the work of 2020 Australian of the Year Dr James Muecke. “The film not only gives an insight into the creation of this extraordinary place but also an insight into what it’s like to live with mental illness” she said.

“In our world of ever increasing isolation and mental health challenges, Emmaus Community is a timely reminder of how communities can change lives. It’s a great example of how the community spirit can really make our world a much better place.”

“A Place to Call Home” will premiere on ABC Compass on Sunday 19th April at 6.30 pm and will then be available for online streaming on ABC iView.






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