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Be a Good Egg This Easter



 A.  ACRATH Newsletter, March 2020

B.  The boys from Tanna who were stolen from their island home

C.  Australia’s Blackbirding trade: How Pacific Islanders were lured to work, Patricia Karvelas on RN Drive

D.  New film documents tragedy of human trafficking by presenting ‘Wells of Hope”

E.  Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo mine for coltan to supply smartphone industry

F.  New Zealand-based Samoan chief found guilty of human trafficking and slavery

G.  Nigerian child domestic slavery exposed in new novel

H.  Murky Waters


I.  And from Christine Carolan, ACRATH NEO

Things feel tough to me at the moment  … at least until I consider the situation of an overseas worker here on a temporary visa.  Our ACRATH forced labour team are uncovering major needs for accommodation, food and healthcare for Pacific Islanders and people from Timor Leste as they work here in agriculture and at abattoirs. Where is their COVID-19 safety net?”

Please sign this petition.

Australian Unions: Coronavirus – A guaranteed wage subsidy to save jobs now!


J.  The rights and health of refugees, migrants and stateless must be protected in COVID-19 response

K.  ‘Left with nothing’: Australia’s migrant workforce face destitution without coronavirus safety net

L.  Way of the Cross Meditation, 2019


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