Wold Fair Trade Day_11th May 2019

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World Fair Trade Organization



This Fair Trade Day, we celebrate solutions
for people and planet!

Innovations that empower women

Fair Trade Enterprises have 52% female CEOs. Fair Trade business models provide a space for women to become leaders.

Learn about how Fair Trade Enterprises are empowering women. 

Innovations that create economic opportunities

Humankind has developed rapidly, leaving behind many and resulting in vast inequality. Fair Trade Enterprises are born to counter this trend by creating decent work and sustainable livelihoods.

Our mission-led members work towards creating more economic opportunities. Explore some of our inspiring members:
MaquitaCamariSashaCORR the Jute WorksEswatini KitchenTownship PatternsGepaMalongoLes Jardins de Gaia

Innovations that save the planet         

Irresponsible production destroys the planet. Fair Trade Enterprises exist to provides alternatives with responsible and sustainable production.

See inspiring innovations in upcycling and the circular economy:
Solid Rock AssociationProkriteeChakoGreen GlassMifukoEntoto BethVillageworks, re-wrap

Innovations in product development

New product designs by Fair Trade Enterprises blend traditional skills and techniques with modern style, allowing consumers to live an ethical lifestyle.



Millions of farmers who produce the food we eat don’t earn enough to feed their own families. You can help change this.

World Fairtrade Day takes place on 11th May 2019.

The aim of the day is to celebrate Fairtrade and encourage the public to, where possible, #choosefairtradeproducts, becoming fair and ethical consumers.

It’s easy to take part. 

1. Share why you #choosefairtrade on your social channels to be in to win awesome Fairtrade prizes (more info on this to come soon)

2. Host an event. From a coffee break at work, an educational event at school or a picnic in your local park, there’s a Fairtrade event for everyone, wherever you are.

Find out more or request education materials by emailing info@fairtrade.com.au


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