2008: Apology to the Stolen Generations by Australian Government



The Heart of Our Country:

Dignity and Justice for our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters

(2006 Social Justice Statement from the ACBC)


Let us Pray:

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O God, the source of all that is human, it is in your image that we are created.

Be present with us, as we consider the importance of including

Aboriginal people and their culture as an essential part of

our local community and of our Church in Australia.

We pray through Christ our Lord.  Amen.



Prayer of Healing

God of Mercy and Compassion,

Our hearts too, are heavy with the pain of our people.

We are sorry.

Hopelessness and despair of life has caused much hurt and anger

They have lost their way.

We ask you to touch the hearts of our broken people.

Mend their paths and walk with them.

May they feel the Spirit of our Ancestors.

May the Spirit of our Ancestors strengthen and guide us,

On our journey back to the light of hope,

And the love of life in Christ



Written by AICCQ Working Group 27 October 2000                     http://www.natsicc.org.au/liturgical-resources.html






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