Pope Francis’ Universal Prayer Intention for January 2019

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Pope Francis has last weekend helped launch a new mobile app and online platform connecting people around the world in prayer. Photo: Sourced.

Pope Francis has last weekend helped launch a new mobile app and online platform connecting people around the world in prayer. Photo: Sourced.


Pope Francis has last weekend helped launch a new mobile app and online platform connecting people around the world in prayer.

The Holy Father presented “the official platform of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network: Click To Pray,” on Sunday 20 January after praying the Angelus with visitors gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

Joined by Jesuit Father Frederic Fornos, head of the international prayer network, holding a tablet displaying the platform, Pope Francis said it would be “here that I add my intentions and prayer requests for the church’s mission.”

The prayer network  (www.clicktopray.org), formerly called the Apostleship of Prayer, is a platform that invites men and women from around the world to accompany the Pope in a mission of compassion for the world. The Jesuit-run outreach that has given Catholics the Pope’s monthly prayer intentions since 1890.

It has a website and a mobile app, both for Android and iOS, with its social networks, available in six languages (Spanish, English, Italian, French, Portuguese and German).

The global prayer network started offering the prayer intentions on video over social media in 2016.

“I above all invite you, young people, to download the app, Click To Pray,” Pope Francis said, asking them to keep “praying together with me the rosary for peace, especially during World Youth Day in Panama” from 22 to 27 January 2019.

“Internet and social media are a resource in our era, a chance to stay in touch with others, to share values and plans and to express the desire to be a community. The web can also help us pray as a community, to pray together,” he said.

The website www.clicktopray.org and the mobile app – available for Android and iOS – are offered in six languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French, Portuguese and German. A version will soon be available in Vietnamese and Chinese, the site said.

Users are invited to “pray with the pope” using his monthly prayer intentions, to “pray every day” by receiving notifications and inspirational thoughts for prayer or reflection three times a day and to “pray with the network” where users, including Pope Francis, can share their prayers with others.

Click To Pray is the official prayer platform for World Youth Day 2019, which takes place in Panama from 22th to 27 January 2019.

For this event, the platform includes a special multimedia section to pray and meditate the Rosary for Peace.

Pope Francis has invited all Catholics, especially youth, to download the Click To Pray app, Click Here

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That young people, especially in Latin America, follow the example of Mary and respond to the call of the Lord to communicate the joy of the Gospel to the world.


Father of kindness, I thank you for the enthusiasm and joy of young people.
In them I find their capacity to dream, idealism
and the strength to make this world a more peaceful and just place.
Pour out your Holy Spirit on our communities,
so that they may be meeting places between several generations,
united in communion with you, celebrating your presence among us.

May the enthusiasm of young people be, in your Church, the motive of a new missionary spirit, marked by joy, especially among those who need it most, the poorest,
the most disadvantaged, those who have lost hope.
During this month, I pray for the young people who will participate in World Youth Day in Panama and for the fruits, for the Church, of this great meeting.


Proposals for the month

Proposals for the month, if you live in Latin America:
  • Participate in World Youth Day, or in initiatives that accompany this event, collaborating with whatever is necessary for their organisation and disseminating the fruits of this great meeting.
  • In the deep connection to Mary that characterises the Church of Latin America, promote the prayer of the Rosary in your communities, the Rosary for Peace, promoted by Click to Pray.
  • Open up to the youth opportunities and places of responsibility in the revitalisation of the apostolic life of their local communities, supporting them in their expressions of creativity, in the spirit of the Continental Mission.

Proposals for the month, if you live outside of Latin America:
  • Participate in World Youth Day, or accompany this event in prayer, especially through the prayer of the Rosary for Peace.
  • Conduct a meeting of the pastoral leaders of the community, inviting young people to reflect together on their concrete participation in the life of the community.
  • Throughout this month, try to be a proclaimer of the joy of the Gospel with those who need it most, in their own environments, family, friendship and work.



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