Hope as the Antidote_14th February 2019

Hope as the Antidote (Feb. 2019)

St John of God Health Care and the L J Goody Bioethics Centre are pleased to invite palliative care specialist A/Prof Natasha Michael to two events in Perth on Thursday 14 February 2019. If you work in palliative or end of life care (as a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, pastoral carer, administrator or in allied health), then these events are for you. A/Prof Michael will share her experience of the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation, and its potential reach and impact on patients, caregivers and clinical practices. Her vision for “best practice” palliative care in the hospice tradition, and how we can help patients struggling with their end of life decisions, is both practical and inspiring.

Two identical talks are offered to allow as many health care professionals as possible to attend.

Choice One
10:00 am Thursday 14 February 2019
12 Salvado Road – Subiaco – WA 6008
Bookings essential

Choice Two
5:30 pm Thursday 14 February 2019
100 Murdoch Drive – Murdoch – WA 6150
Bookings essential
A/Prof Natasha Michael has worked and trained internationally in palliative care in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Singapore, completing her MSc in Kings College, London and a Fellowship at the National Cancer Centre in Singapore. She relocated to Australian in 2010, working at Peter McCallum Cancer Centre. Over the last 5 years, she has led the development of a large integrated palliative care service at Cabrini Health, Melbourne and established the service as a centre for training and research in palliative care. She currently is the Head of Palliative Medicine, University of Notre Dame, Sydney. She is a frequently invited speaker on complex symptoms and end of life issues including assisted suicide and euthanasia.

A/Prof Natasha Michael
Director of Palliative Medicine, Cabrini Health
Head of Palliative Medicine, University of Notre Dame, Sydney School of Medicine
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