ACRATH Prayer, Reflection and Action – 8th February2019

World Day of Prayer Reflection and Action Against Human Trafficking 2019

Dear ACRATH Members and Supporters


Thank you to members who have provided the following information and campaign notices.



ACRATH invites you to use the resources to participate in this event and so help to bring about an end to human trafficking and slavery. Further resources will be uploaded to the ACRATH website in the coming week.


Talitha Kum, international network of Consecrated Life against trafficking in persons


A.  Publication of Pastoral Orientations on Human Trafficking (POHT)

The Migrant and Refugee Section, established by Pope Francis, invites everyone to engage vigorously in learning, communication and action about preventing and healing Human Trafficking, nourished by reflection, prayer, and the teachings of Pope Francis.

The Pastoral Orientations are deeply grounded in the Church’s reflection and teaching and in its longstanding practical experience responding to the needs of men, women, boys and girls caught up in human trafficking and in slavery, both past and present.


B.  NSW Government: Interim Anti-Slavery Commissioner appointed

The Director of Anti-Slavery Australia, Professor Jennifer Burn will take on the role of Interim Anti-Slavery Commissioner and spend the next six months driving the implementation of the NSW Modern Slavery Act.

Jennifer Burn has worked with ACRATH as a skilled and committed colleague for over 10 years.


C.  Catholic Religious Australia endorses global compacts on migration and refugees


D.  Australia still slow to remember its South Sea Islander heritage and industry it helped create


E.  Community and Church donate to keep anti-trafficking group going


F.  Threads of Solidarity, a report into the extraordinary commitment of religious to countering slavery in the UK.

Produced by Arise for the Conference of Religious of England and Wales, the report details their unique contributions in terms of money, property and human resources.


G.  ‘Stop Trafficking’

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Dear ACRATH Members and Supporters


Thank you to members who have provided the following information and campaign notices.

ACRATH will continue its anti-trafficking programs and advocacy, despite losing $125,000 Federal Government funding in June.  Following the funding blow, ACRATH launched a national fundraising campaign and has been overwhelmed with the response.

ACRATH’s Executive Officer Christine Carolan said the organisation is deeply grateful for the support and the generosity of people, especially religious groups, who responded so willingly to the appeal.

“This appeal not only makes it possible for us to continue our work, but it inspires us work to eliminate human trafficking and slavery in our world. So many people emailed us during the appeal with encouraging messages, urging us to keep going and to continue the fight against human trafficking and forced marriage,” Ms Carolan said.

ACRATH President Sr Noelene Simmons SM said: “While the Federal Government grant has been an important part of our funding, our supporters have always been our major contributors. We are deeply grateful to everyone who contributed to our appeal and for the in-kind donations we receive from members and supporters.”


A message from Christine Carolan,  ACRATH NEO:

The Modern Slavery Bill was passed by the Senate with some minor but strengthening amendments late on Wednesday, 28 Nov 2018. It so happened that an ACRATH team – Noelene Simmons, our ACRATH President, Peter O’Neill and I – were there and witnessed the final debates. When the Bill was passed Minister Linda Reynolds (Lib WA), turned to the NGO reps in the gallery of the Senate and gave us the thumbs up; Minister Reynolds was the Minister guiding the legislation through. Our ACRATH team celebrated the moment with photos and handshakes with other NGOs, Senators, the Minister’s staff and the Home Affairs departmental officers. Noelene Simmons reports that the Bill was then passed in the House of Representatives the next day in 30 seconds!

The Bill is not as strong as we wished; there is no Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, and it doesn’t deal with so many issues like compensation for survivors of human trafficking, BUT I think we should pause for a ‘whacko!’ moment. In 2008 we in ACRATH started on this journey of ensuring there is no slavery in the supply chains of the goods and services we use. We began with a slavery-free Easter chocolate campaign by contacting individual chocolate companies, but our NGO network quickly realised that Australian consumers needed the certainty of knowing all their goods and services are slavery-free. Thus began the long journey to this Bill.

 A Reminder from the ACRATH National Office

Pope Francis has declared the feast of St Josephine Bakhita on February 8 to be the world day of prayer, reflection and action to stop human trafficking.

Please see the attachment for further Information and Action

 Talitha Kum

A.  Modern Slavery Bill

Less than twenty four hours after passing the Senate the Modern Slavery Bill has passed the House of Representative. The Bill now awaits assent by the Governor General for it to become law. This is great news for the many members of Parliament, government departments, NGOs and business that have collaborated and advocated for a number of year. Even more important is the hope that enacting this Bill will assist in eliminating slavery in supply chains and restore dignity to many who are currently enslaved. For more information on the Bill

Catholic Religious Australia: Modern Slavery Bill becomes law

Historic Modern Slavery Act enabled

B.  Global Compact for Migration

The Global Compact marks the enhanced cooperation on international migration… sets out 23 objectives for safe, orderly and regular migration, including an objective to “prevent, combat and eradicate trafficking in persons in the context of international migration.”

C.  Unions and labour rights experts call on Ansell to protect worker rights in its supply chains

D.  Talitha Kum in Africa: Women Religious Leaders against Modern Slavery

UISG (International Union of Superiors General) is a worldwide, canonically approved organization of Superiors General of Institutes of Catholic Women Religious.

Talitha Kum

Video recording of the Conference “Talitha Kum in Africa: Women Religious Leaders against Human Trafficking”

E.  Thomson Reuters Foundation

Unboxing the Truth, video clip

F.  Global Sisters Report

G.  Freedom United

 H.  ‘Stop Trafficking’

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I.  Advocacy Guidebook to Prevent Trafficking

‘Inherent Dignity’, an advocacy guidebook to preventing trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation and to realising the human rights of women and girls throughout their lives.

Mercy International Association


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