CAPSA_National Week of Prayer and Action_20th Aug – 31st Aug 2018



The CAPSA National Week of Prayer & Action will be held 20th – 31st August 2018.

Once again we are asking for the Catholic community to come together to advocate for people seeking asylum, this time in the weeks either side of the 104th World Day of Migrant and Refugees.

As a practical expression of Pope Francis’ message to welcome, protect, promote and integrate migrants and refugees (recently distributed by the Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office (ACMRO) in their toolkit to promote Migrant and Refugee week), we are asking again for your support in facilitating action.

From the 20th – 31st August CAPSA members and supporters will join with schools, parishes, community mobilizers and organisations across the country to advocate and raise awareness for people seeking asylum in our communities.

We are focusing activities on the recent cuts to basic material and case management support for people seeking asylum. Between the 9th and 16th of August approximately 1500 individuals and families who are seeking asylum will lose their income support. An estimated 5000 more will lose this same basic support before the end of the year. Both the broader and Catholic community are already trying to work out how we can respond to this humanitarian crisis.

WE CAN help with practical assistance and WE CAN also advocate for respect for human dignity and this support to be reinstated. The 2018 week of prayer and action will build on the collective voice to the many who are already protesting these cuts, inspire others to take action and give a clear message to government that the Catholic community wants to see the human dignity of people and their needs respected.

CAPSA has put together some clear and simple actions you, your colleagues and your parish can participate in during these weeks. Please don’t feel that these are your only options, be as creative as you wish, or modify them to suite your situation. The CAPSA team are on hand to support in any way we can! We will collate actions from across the country and make our voice heard.

Please register your involvement today here!

Information on actions and resources can be found here.

Please spread the word to your colleagues and communities. Together WE CAN make a difference, support each other and those in need, and continue to put our faith into action.

In Hope,

The CAPSA Team

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