Aboriginal Catholic Ministry and Centre For Faith Enrichment’s Aboriginal Cultural Immersion Program 2017 starts on 25th March

Aboriginal Catholic Ministry and the Centre For Faith Enrichment’s Aboriginal Cultural Immersion Program for 2017 is beginning on Saturday 25th March, with the first of four workshops that will be taking place throughout the year.


The program aims to help people in the Perth Catholic faith community understand and engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in meaningful ways, and by doing so to further enrich parishes and communities. The first workshop on 25th March, “Our Relationship Together” looks at the experiences of Australia’s indigenous people in the past, present, and future.


For full information about “Our Relationship Together” on 25th March and how to register, have a look at the flyer below. 


The three other workshops in the program will be taking place on 27th May, 12th August, and 21st October this year, in addition to a day trip on 23rd September looking at Noongar Country in the context of Laudato Si’.


Flyers for Term 2, 3 and 4 workshops and the day trip in September are also available to view below.



Aboriginal Cultural Immersion Program flyers: Term 2, Term 3, Day Trip and Term 4





More information: Aboriginal Catholic Ministry, Centre for Faith Enrichment


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