Edmund Rice Centre | Speak up for Social Justice this Christmas

This Christmas and holiday season, many of us will be spending time with people who are very quick to recite what they hear on talkback radio or read in the tabloid press.


That’s why we’ve put together The Edmund Rice Centre’s Guide to Speaking up for Social Justice this Christmas.


The Guide has been developed to help you respond to statements of misinformation about social justice, human rights and eco-justice issues this festive season – and there has been plenty of misinformation spread this year.


You can download the guide here. Please share it with your family and friends who may be interested.

2016 has been a challenging year for those of us who believe in justice and human rights. But we cannot give up.


Next year the Edmund Rice Centre turns 21 and we will be redoubling our advocacy, community education and awareness raising efforts because we have a firm faith that the Australian people – once the whole truths are clearly on the table – will extend their empathy and compassion to the most vulnerable.


This is what keeps our hope alive as we work with Indigenous Australians, refugees and people seeking asylum and our Pacific neighbours threatened by climate change – the first Australians, the last to arrive and the next to come.


On behalf of the team at the Edmund Rice Centre, I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe 2017.


Thank you for your support throughout the past year. Our work has only been possible because of people like you. 


We have a big year ahead of us – I hope you can be part of it.


Best wishes Phil Glendenning and the ERC team


PS. Our work is only possible as a result of the generous donations from our supporters. If you are in a position to donate (even $20) you can do so here.  


Source: Speak up for Social Justice this Christmas

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