Give a Global Gift This Christmas | Caritas Australia

Christmas is drawing nearer, and Caritas Australia is asking us to consider giving our friends and family a gift that will “create positive, sustainable change for some of the world’s most vulnerable women, men and children.”


There are a range of Global Gifts available to order from Caritas, including:

  • The gift of water

  • The gift of food

  • The gift of sustainable agriculture

  • The gift of healthcare

  • The gift of education

  • The gift of emergency relief

  • The gift of joy for an entire community

When you order your Global Gift, you will receive a card to give to your friend or family member. To order a gift now, head to and download the order form.


With each gift you choose, you’re standing in solidarity with people from the world’s most vulnerable communities. And, when you send a gift to a friend, colleague or loved one, you’re helping to spread the message that we’re all part of one global family, working together to make the world a better place.

– Paul O’Callaghan, Chief Executive Officer, Caritas Australia


Source: A moment of joy has arrived, Global Gifts, Charitable Christmas Gifts | Caritas Australia

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