Australian Aid | Sign the Anti-Poverty Week open letter to the PM, calling for increased aid funding

Anti-Poverty Week was two weeks ago, but its call for individuals, communities, organisations and governments to take action to address to causes and consequences of poverty around the world remains necessary.


Australian Aid are calling on people to sign their Anti-Poverty Week letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, which urges the Government to increase aid funding and help end poverty around the globe. Caritas Australia is one of a number of Australian Aid and Development groups backing this campaign.

Dear Prime Minister,

“No Poverty” is the number one UN Sustainable Development Goal that your Government signed in 2015. Those goals apply globally and here in Australia.

This Anti-Poverty Week we are writing to you urging you to commit your Government to ending poverty here in Australia, while also doing our fair share as a good global citizen to ending poverty globally.

Domestically, the Australian Government has committed to at least halving poverty “in all its dimensions according to national definitions.”

Experts agree that we can get close to eradicating extreme poverty by 2030 if countries work together. While other countries are increasing overseas aid, the Government has cut aid to the lowest it has ever been. It is time to increase aid funding to move us quickly towards our global promise of 70 cents in every $100 (investing 0.7% of our gross national income (GNI)).

This Anti-Poverty Week, let’s convert our international commitment to reduce poverty in Australia and overseas into meaningful action.

Open Letter to Turnbull

Read the full letter here


Australian Aid

If you would like to sign the letter, and add your voice to the call to increase aid funding and help end poverty, click here.


Source: It’s Anti-Poverty Week. Sign the Open Letter. | Campaign for Australian Aid

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