Blue Knot Day | 24 October 2016 | Childhood Trauma Awareness

Monday 24 October is Blue Knot Day, the Blue Knot Foundation’s national awareness day for adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse, celebrated in October every year. While Blue Knot Day occurs on the 24th October, events will be held throughout Australia during the week of October 24th to 30th.


The image of the tangled blue knot symbolises both the complexity of childhood trauma and the space for new possibilities that a clear blue sky represents.


From the Blue Knot Foundation:

This Blue Knot Day, we are building on our overarching theme that ‘Recovery is possible’ and embracing our leadership and that of the Commission in driving change. Our theme for 2016 is ‘Together we lead the way to survivor recovery’. Please put October 24th in your diaries as Blue Knot Day 2016. You can get involved in many ways, uniting as a community to provide support to one another towards recovery. See what events have already been scheduled in your area.


Blue Knot Day, Blue Knot Foundation

The Blue Knot Foundation encourages those who are part of faith-based communities, such as parishes, to consider holding a special service, or perhaps simply a moment of silence, in support of Blue Knot Day during the week of 23rd to the 30th October. The Blue Knot foundation offers a number of resources for use during such a service, including interfaith prayers and Blue Knot day posters. These can be found here.


For more information about Blue Knot Day, the Blue Knot Foundation, and to access their resources on childhood trauma and abuse, please head to



Truth justice and healingThe Truth, Justice and Healing Council is responsible for coordinating the Catholic Church’s response to the Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, first announced by the Australian Federal Government in 2013. The members of the Council include men and women with professional and other expertise in the areas of child sexual abuse, paedophilia, trauma, mental illness, suicide, education, public administration and governance.


If you would like information about the Council and the Church’s response to both the Royal Commission and the survivors of childhood sexual abuse and trauma, the Council website can be reached here:



Source: Blue Knot Day 24 October 2016 childhood trauma awareness, About the Truth, Justice and Healing Council


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