World Humanitarian Day | Friday 19th August 2016

Friday 19th August 2016 is World Humanitarian Day, a day to acknowledge the important work done by humanitarian workers around the world, and to remind all of us of the continuing need for this aid.


World Humanitarian Day Logo, United Nations


According to the United Nations, there are currently around 130 million people around the world living in crisis, who need humanitarian assistance just to survive.


The theme for this year’s World Humanitarian Day is “One Humanity,” calling for global solidarity with those in need. Earlier in 2016, the World Humanitarian Summit was held in Istanbul, and countries from around to world came together to make commitments to support people affected by crisis, and those workers providing them with assistance.


A message of support on the World Humanitarian Day website

For more information about the background of World Humanitarian Day, head to the UN website.


To find out how you can take action now to support people in crisis; to read the stories of refugees and others who have need of, and who have benefitted from, humanitarian aid; to read about the UN’s Agenda for Humanity; and much more, head to the official World Humanitarian Day website.


World Humanitarian Day is a reminder of the message of mercy and welcome in the 2015-16 Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) Social Justice Statement: “For those who’ve come across the seas: justice for refugees and asylum seekers.” You can read the statement here.


Sources: United Nations – Humanitarian Day, World Humanitarian Day

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