My daughter asked “What will the world be like when I grow up?” | Catholic Earthcare Australia

These are the words that echoed in my head and heart all that day. She seemed satisfied with my response but it is only a matter of time before she asks for more of an explanation. How will I respond?

The signs of the times are everywhere. From pollution and climate change, to the loss of biodiversity, the breakdown of society, poverty and global inequality. These all threaten the call for us to be in sublime communion.

These issues often appear overwhelming to us. They appear to be outside of our control yet we know that we are contributing because we are part of the human system on Earth.

Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’ – On Care for our Common Home, speaks to all of these issues, to our deepest feelings and it gives us hope for the way ahead.

 “ ‘The external deserts in the world are growing, because the internal deserts have become so vast’. For this reason, the ecological crisis is also a summons to profound interior conversion.”(#217) Pope Francis calls on us, as Pope John Paul II did, to undergo an “ecological conversion”. (#5)

Catholic Earthcare Australia was formed in 2002 to be the ecological agency of the Catholic Church and we work every day to bring Laudato Si’ to life across Australia.

The core business of Catholic Earthcare Australia is caring for our common home by enabling individual and community “ecological conversion”…


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