Homeless Persons Week | 1-7 August 2016


Homelessness Week, or Homeless Persons Week, is held in the first week of August, and is used to raise awareness of homelessness in Australia, including why people might become homeless and what we can all do to combat homelessness in our country.


Homelessness Week is coordinated by Homelessness Australia, but events are held by many different organisations throughout the country, and all Australians are invited to get involved, to help educate themselves and others about this important issue.


The theme for Homelessness Week 2016 is “Homelessness Counts,” which aims to show all Australians that those people who experience homelessness are valuable members of our society, who need to be supported.


For more information about homelessness in Australia, check out the infographic below from Homelessness Australia, or head to their website.


To find out what Homelessness Week events are being held in your area next week, have a look at Homelessness Australia’s calendar of events for WA.




Source: Homelessness Week – Homelessness Australia

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