Pledge for Refugees – Sign the Pledge for a Just Refugee Policy

Pledge for Refugees

A coalition of refugee advocacy and activist groups around Australia have created the “Pledge for a Just Refugee Policy,” which encourages individuals and organisations to sign as a show of their support for the five positive solutions proposed and contained within the pledge.


From the website:

Our aim is for an Australia in which asylum seekers and refugees are treated with dignity and humanity, not with punishment and cruelty. It embodies the values of fairness and generosity towards those who are vulnerable and in need of sanctuary.


The adoption of the five points will positively reshape the narrative that underpins public opinion on refugees and asylum seekers. It will recreate an Australia that upholds its commitment to human rights and leads the world in embracing its international obligations. This is an Australia we can all have pride in.


Signing the pledge means that you or your organisation stand by the five points contained in the pledge and will work to bring them about:

  1. Immediate release and settlement for all those suffering at our hands
  2. End mandatory detention
  3. Raise the refugee intake substantially
  4. Safe and just passage of asylum seekers to Australia, with no punishment based on means of arrival
  5. Give permanent settlement visas, citizenship with full rights including work and family reunion



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