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Net Act - Election Kit

NetAct, “A Project of Catholic Social Justice, Welfare and Educational Agencies,” have released a pre-federal election kit for Christians to use when preparing to vote in the upcoming Federal Election. The Kit invites the reader to consider particular issues relevant to this election from a Catholic Social Justice perspective.


From the NetAct Committee:

The approaching federal Election is engendering much publicity.  As Australians and as Christians, we are challenged to reflect on some of the values and issues we want our country to consider as we face a new moment in our history.


NetAct has prepared these reflection sheets in response to a number of current discussions.  It seems that often the human and Christian dimensions of these issues are ignored in the ongoing debate and political wrangling.


This Kit invites individuals and communities to reflect on issues from the perspective of our humanity and our faith, rather than allowing political rhetoric to colour our thinking.  We hope that it will engender new conversations.


If you believe that it would be helpful, would you kindly distribute this Kit to your communities with an encouragement that it be distributed to parish, social justice and educational bulletins, discussed in community and social justice groups, or shared with friends.

The 2016 Election Kit can be downloaded here: click here. Please share this with your local parish and in your networks.


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