Fair Trade Fortnight, Friday 6 – Sunday 22 May: How you can get involved

 Carrying Sacks Of Coffee

Friday 6th May marks the first day of 2016’s Fair Trade Fortnight, which,
according to Fair Trade Australia and New Zealand is an annual, nationwide celebration of all things fair trade and the difference that choosing fair makes for millions of farmers and workers in developing countries.


Here’s some information about what Fair Trade is, and how you can get involved in this year’s Fair Trade Fortnight:


What is Fair Trade?More than 3,000 Fairtrade certified products in Australia and New Zealand

Fairtrade advocates for better working conditions and improved terms of trade for farmers and workers in developing countries…


…When consumers purchase products with the Fairtrade Mark, they are supporting farmers and workers as they work to improve their livelihoods and provide better support to their communities. The Fairtrade Mark shows you that the Fairtrade ingredients in the product have been produced by small-scale farmer organisations or plantations that meet internationally agreed Fairtrade social, economic and environmental standards.


The standards include protection of workers’ rights and the protection of children, the preservation of the environment, payment of the Fairtrade Minimum Price and an additional Fairtrade Premium to invest in initiatives to support local communities or business development.


Fairtrade benefits small-scale farmers and workers by facilitating links to international markets through the development of supply chains. Small-scale farmers and workers are amongst the most marginalized groups globally and through Fairtrade they can lift themselves out of poverty to maintain their successful livelihoods.


Information source: Fair Trade Australia and New Zealand


If you have any questions about Fair Trade, how it works, and the impact it has, there’s a good chance Fair Trade Australia and New Zealand’s FAQs can answer it for you: http://fairtrade.com.au/en-au/what-is-fairtrade/faqs


World Fairtrade Challenge 2016world fairtrade challenge logo

During this year’s Fair Trade Fortnight, people around the world will be participating in the World Fairtrade Challenge, with the aim of having the largest Fair Trade coffee break in the world. The challenge
will run from the 13th-15th May, and more than a million people worldwide have lready joined the challenge.


Invite your friends, family or workplace to support Fair Trade and take part in the challenge by drinking any number of cups of Fair Trade coffee during the period of 13-15 May.

To sign up online, or find our more, head to www.fairtradechallenge.org.


Information source: World Fairtrade Challenge


Fair Trade and the Edmund Rice Centre

The Edmund Rice Centre (ERC) promotes international economic justice through their “Fairtrade Project”, which applies the principles of fair trade.
  • By buying and selling Fairtrade goods.
  • By spreading awareness of issues involved in Fairtrade.
  • By community education about Fairtrade in schools and communities.
  • By providing and making Fairtrade products easily available to schools and other groups.
  • By giving talks and/or workshops, on issues related to Fairtrade, to staff and students in our schools.
  • By encouraging students, and so involving their peers, teachers and parents, to be actively involved in issues of social and economic justice related to Fairtrade in their school and local community.
ERC has actively been involved in buying and selling Fairtrade products, and has been supplying staff rooms of the larger Sydney schools with Fairtrade tea and coffee for some time.


For more information on the ERC’s Fairtrade Project, head to the ERC website, and click on “fair trade.”


Information source: ERC’s Fair Trade


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