ARRCC May newsletter: Stand up for strong climate policy before the election

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) newsletter is out now and contains information and updates on the work of the ARRCC, upcoming events, and how to take action on climate change. Read it here.



From the newsletter:

The unseasonably warm weather may be disturbing to a lot of us, but let’s transform this concern into taking a stand – as people of good will are doing here and elsewhere in the world. If you’re not already taking some form of action,why not choose one that you can take in the next month out of the suggestions in this newsletter?
Occasionally people say to me that we should stick to publicising activities within the faith sector. My view is that we would be missing out on excellent opportunities that way. Great if you take a stand which is identifiably faith-based, but it’s entirely valid to join an action organised by other environmental groups such as Indeed many of us already have!

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