Read the March news from Catholic Earthcare Australia

The March newsletter from Catholic Earthcare Australia is now available to read here.

From National Director, Jacqui Remond:

Dear friends

This month we are celebrating in three special ways as we prepare for our biggest celebration in the Christian calendar, Easter.

Firstly, we are five weeks into our six week Laudato Si’ Lenten Program in partnership with St Mary’s at Manly – we are seeing our growth as a community, as we make connections with God’s mercy and the Earth itself.

Secondly, we are hosting a carbon fast meditation today as part of the Global Lenten Carbon Fast in partnership with the Global Catholic Climate Movement. As part of this initiative, Catholics from around the globe are fasting and praying during each of Lent’s 40 days, calling for strong action to solve the climate crisis. The Earthcare team are observing today’s Carbon fast in solidarity with our global neighbours.

Thirdly, we are preparing to launch our Easter campaign in partnership with Common Grace. Launching just in time for Holy Week, it focuses on loving our neighbour – which of course is inclusive of all of God’s Creation, as our neighbour!

Peace and joy to all of you, I hope you all have a truly blessed Holy Week ahead and a joyful Easter period.

– Source: March news from Catholic Earthcare Australia

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