Latest news from the Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum

The February bulletin from the Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum (CAPSA) is now available to read on their website. This month’s bulletin contains information about the #LetThemStay campaign, which arose in response to the High Court’s ruling regarding offshore processing and detention of asylum seekers.


In early February, CAPSA released a statement condemning the Federal government’s plans to send 267 people from Australia to Nauru:

CAPSA believes that the policy under which the High Court decision was made is unjustifiable and unnecessary, and a breach of Australia’s responsibility to respect the human dignity and lives of those in its care. The Alliance was founded on a number of principles, including the desire for Australia to lead a more humane, ordered response to processing the claims of people seeking asylum.


CAPSA believes that people who come to Australia seeking protection should not be transferred from Australian territory to other nations for processing or protection unless there is a firm regional agreement assuring that they will have equivalent rights and support in the countries to which they are transferred, and that they will be promptly resettled if found to be refugees.


– Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum Condemns Offshore Detention Plans – Media Release, 4 February 2016

Read the full media release and more in the bulletin: Latest news from the Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum.


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