Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB’s 2016 Pastoral Letter for Lent

Timothy Costelloe

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The Archbishop of Perth, Timothy Costelloe SDB, has released his 2016 Pastoral Letter
for Lent, which addresses all Catholics who are beginning their Lenten journey for 2016.


From the opening paragraphs of the letter:


The opening prayer of the Mass for the First Sunday of Lent sets out for us a challenge as we commence our Lenten journey this year:

Grant, Almighty God, through the yearly observances of Holy Lent, that we may grow in our understanding of the riches hidden in Christ and by worthy conduct pursue their effects in our lives.

If we were to make this prayer our own, as we are, of course, invited to do at every Mass we celebrate, we would be asking the Lord first of all for the gift of understanding and then for the courage and the wisdom to translate what we are coming to understand into the reality of our daily lives.

What the prayer asks of God is that He helps us to understand the depths of the mystery of Christ and the riches hidden in this mystery. In our tradition, this mystery refers more than anything else to the meaning of the death and Resurrection of Jesus. That Jesus had to die, and just why He had to die, has been a question which has troubled Christians from the very beginning.

– Most Rev Timothy Costelloe SDB, Archbishop of Perth, “2016 Pastoral Letter for Lent (Year C)”

To download and read the letter in full, click on the below image.

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