‘A Movement of the Heart’: New Refugee Initiative From the Archdiocese of Brisbane

The Catholic Justice & Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of Brisbane has launched a new initiative on refugees, A Movement of the Heart, which will begin with a Novena of Prayer held from the Feast of the Sacred Heart, 12 June, to World Refugee Day, 20 June.
“We want Catholics to come to grips with the fact that the refugee problem has not been solved with the stopping of the boats. We want everyone to understand that the refugee problem is a global problem affecting 50 million lives around the world. We want, above all else, that Catholics see that our calling is to give witness to God’s tender mercy and generous love which is at odds with what Pope Francis has called “the globalisation of indifference” towards the plight of refugees.”

– Peter Arndt, Executive Officer, Catholic Justice & Peace Commission of Brisbane

Check out the movement’s Facebook page here, and read the pamphlet about the Novena of Prayer below:


A Movement of the Heart image

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