Vatican Survey on Marriage and Family

You may by now have heard that Pope Francis has again asked dioceses across the globe to engage in a further survey on matters relating to marriage, divorce, same-sex attraction, parenting and other challenges that affect contemporary family life. He is keen to know the Catholic community’s thoughts on these matters.

Archbishop Costelloe is keen that as many Catholics as possible engage in the survey, and particularly wants those who feel on the edges of the Church, or who have totally given up the practice of the Faith, to feel they have an avenue where they can speak what is presently on their mind.

Can I ask you to pass on news about the survey to anyone you know who is a baptised Catholic via email, Facebook, Twitter, through phone conversation, and even handwritten letter.

The survey can be completed in several ways:

1) Online – go to our dedicated web address The survey is 11 pages long and may take at least 30 mins to complete in total, although all questions do not need to be answered.

2) Email – download Perth Archdiocese’s 30 Questions (pdf 452 KB or doc 47 KB)

3) Fax  – download the Pro-forma Questionnaire (pdf 462 KB or docx 82 KB) and fax your written/typed responses to 08 9325 4580

4) Mail  – download the Pro-forma Questionnaire (pdf 462 KB or docx 82 KB) and send your written/typed responses to Vatican Survey, PO Box 3075, Perth, WA 6832 (please allow three working days for mail to be received)

archdiocesan website by clicking here.

The deadline for the survey is 5pm on Thursday, 12 February.

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