Renewable energy in a post Fukushima world – 24 August

Facing the Fallout: renewable energy in a post Fukushima world

Naoto Kan – Former Prime Minister of Japan


Bookings essential:

Sunday 24th August 2014 from 6 – 8.30 pm

Perth Town Hall (Cnr Barrack and Hay St, Perth)

Hosted by: Conservation Council of WA


Mr Naoto Kan was Prime Minister of Japan when disaster struck. Following the worst known earthquake and tsunami in the nation’s history, the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactors went into meltdown.

Faced with the decision to evacuate Tokyo City, Mr Kan has re-evaluated his support for nuclear power. Mr Kan is touring Australia to share his reflections on Fukushima, global energy security, the need to embrace renewable energy and Australia’s role in the continuing Fukushima crisis.


Organisers: Conservation Council of WA is the State’s peak environment group together with the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Public Health Association of Australia, Peace Boat Japan, Environment Centre NT, Keep Queensland Nuclear Free, Electrical Trade Union and the Australian Manufacturers Workers Union, have invited Mr Kan to tour Australia.

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