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The Truth, Justice and Healing Council is coordinating the Catholic Church’s response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse with a commitment to cooperation, openness and justice for victims and survivors. It has been established in recognition of the importance of the Royal Commission and the imperative for the Church to address the past openly and honestly, the good and the bad.

The Council will represent dioceses and religious orders at the Royal Commission and will be the primary voice and the channel by which the Royal Commission will engage with the whole Church.

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Professional Standards Office, Western Australia

The Archdiocese of Perth has adopted the principles and procedures set out in TOWARDS HEALING, the Catholic Church’s national protocol for addressing complaints of sexual, emotional and physical abuse made against clergy, religious and other paid and voluntary personnel of the Church in Western Australia.

The Catholic Church’s Professional Standards Office in Western Australia will assist anyone to contact the appropriate police department should they need or require assistance. The Director of the Professional Standards Office can be contacted on 1800 072 390 or 08 9422 7904.

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