Fair Trade fortnight

FAIR TRADE FORTNIGHT (3 – 11 May 2014)

Fair trade products are an important tool for ending exploitation of workers across the globe. Buying certified fair trade goods can ensure that the producers are earning a living wage and working in decent conditions. But fair trade products are only a tiny percentage of global markets and the battle of fair trade doesn’t end there.

For your consideration and action:

As a nation, Australia should ensure that its agricultural trade policies are formulated on the basis of ‘the right to food’. Trade agreements that we make with other countries must be focused on the needs of the poorest and ensure that small farmers are able to obtain fair prices for what they produce. Access to land and land tenure, fair market structures, information on market prices, equitable savings and lending services, and agricultural and crop storage techniques are among the critical underlying issues faced by farmers in poorer areas of the world.

Source: Lazarus at our Gate, Social Justice Statement 2013-14, p 8

For more information:

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